Joana Cinco is an art director (or graphic designer) but still manages to keep her love for fashion everyday with this blog. She also wants to share some shopping and styling tips! Will offer the most honest product review and must-visit stores in the city.

My Iconic World blog was inspired from an advertising campaign called "The Icons". It belongs to one of the major brands Joana has been handling for a long time, hence her "world" passionately began to revolve on it.

Aside from designing, she also do handcrafts and tries to make her own clothing design. To welcome the year 2012, she just launched her online clothing shop with her best friend, named SHEER:ICONIC.

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We all have different ways of celebrate the coming heart’s day, and mine’s giving away some LOVE again! Thank you so much WhimSical AcceSsorias for these fun and elegant collection that she carefully handmade for this blog giveaway! You will surely LOVE everything, bagay na bagay sa theme! I love it! ♥

Tassel Necklace, Gold Necklace with heart details, Statement necklace :) 

Red tassel earrings that’s going to be so perfect for your date ;) And here’s something that I, myself, find really cute!

For single ladies, this can be a friendship bracelet! As for those who are happily in love, isn’t this adorable bracelet for the two of you!!! Haven’t seen this from WhimSical AcceSsorias’s recent collection yet, so I am guessing that these are specially made for you :)

Get everything for FREE, by just doing the mechanics. It won’t take much of your time! Winner will be selected through, as usual. And yes, ANYONE (from the Philippines) can join!

Here are the mechanics:

  1. Like WhimSical AcceSsorias on Facebook.
  2. Like My Iconic World on Facebook, and follow me on Google Friend Connect (GFC; just hit “Join this site” can be seen on my sidebar)
  3. Follow me on Twitter, and tweet this “WIN elegant accessories from WhimSical AcceSsorias for you and your man this Valentine’s Day @joanacinco via! #giveaway
  4. Lastly, share this on Facebook “WIN elegant accessories from @WhimSical AcceSsorias for you and your man this Valentine’s Day ♥ @My Iconic World
*Free Shipping
*Reblogging this will double your chance to win!
*Will run until February 13, 2011 11:59pm

That’s all you have to do, and you’d get to win these customized accessories na. Super easy! ;)
Please comment the following, too:
Twitter Username:
Tweet Link:
Tumblr Post Link:
Facebook Link:
Happy Valentine’s everyone!
♥ Joana
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