Joana Cinco is an art director (or graphic designer) but still manages to keep her love for fashion everyday with this blog. She also wants to share some shopping and styling tips! Will offer the most honest product review and must-visit stores in the city.

My Iconic World blog was inspired from an advertising campaign called "The Icons". It belongs to one of the major brands Joana has been handling for a long time, hence her "world" passionately began to revolve on it.

Aside from designing, she also do handcrafts and tries to make her own clothing design. To welcome the year 2012, she just launched her online clothing shop with her best friend, named SHEER:ICONIC.

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PRINT THERAPY (August 2012 Collection)
Art Director: Joana Cinco
Models: Erika Rivo
Stylist: Sheer:Iconic

2 notes | August 2, 2012 at 12:05pm

Oh I know, it’s been a while but hey, I’ve got some treats for all of you!

Alongside our midyear sale is our May to June Collection, Brighter Than Sunshine.

This is kinda late because by sometime next week we would be releasing our July Collection already. Lol. Just stay tuned and keep yourself updated on our facebook wall,

0 notes | July 15, 2012 at 4:03pm

General McArthur, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, The Blue Brothers, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Slash… What do these people are commonly known for? Their iconic eyewear, Ray-Ban.

It first started with Aviator and now they have more than 5 iconic frames with numerous designs. In celebration to their 75th year, Ray-Ban PH welcomed Summer 2012 with complete color blast last April 26 at Buddha Bar, Kalayaan Ave, Makati City, as they also launched the newest line from their Rare Prints Collection, designed by La Boca Design Group.

As soon as I entered the bar, the feeling was all a mixture of happiness, anxious, thankful and awe. The first thing I did was to look around and check every collateral artworks I did. As I plurge myself into the colorful crowd, familiar faces kept coming in from Ray-Ban team, Fashion people I know and our team, all with huge smiles on their faces. A complete sign that the event is turning a lot better than planned.

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0 notes | May 3, 2012 at 4:24pm

22 years ago at this very hour, doctors, nurses and everyone celebrated and danced to Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams" as my mom brought a baby girl into life… and that baby girl is me! Haha :)

Yes! Today’s my birthday!!! Woohoo! Weird that it’s as if I am announcing my birthday, when all my life I try my best to be discreet about it (that’s why all my public profiles over the internet doesn’t say about my date of birth). Maybe this is just my way of expressing how grateful I am today, and I want to share it even on the smallest scale.

Anyway, since it’s not possible to share my outfit for today, here’s my outfit during SHEER:ICONIC’s April Collection photo shoot. Will post my birthday outfit soon!

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0 notes | May 3, 2012 at 12:09pm

Have you heard of the saying, “First impression lasts”? I bet you did. That’s one of the things we often remind ourselves when meeting new people from school, office or party. You make the most of it by introducing yourself with grace and charm. But did you also know that before we talk to a person, we smell them first? Sounds like what animals do, but Mr. Arnaud Marolleau, the international fragrance expert, said that’s commonly natural for us to do. We hardly notice it though.

Last April 25, I was invited by Prestige Brands Philippines, who handle the best fragrances in the country, to listen to their Fragrance Masterclass with the international fragrance expert, Mr. Arnaud Marolleau at Romulo Cafe in Jupiter St. It was a late afternoon get together hosted by Ms. Issa Litton.

When the guest speaker finally stepped in, we all just felt comfortable laughing at his jokes and eagerly listen to every bit of interesting facts about fragrances. “Yes and yes?” is what you mostly hear him say. Optimistic, isn’t he?

If you plan on creating your own scent, there are currently 150 ingredients— Natural and Synthetic—to choose from (and oh! Better prepare 3M Euro as well. Yes, that much!). That’s a lot, right! The most expensive component is Jasmin Sambec which can only be found in India.

There are two components of Natural scent, one is Vegetal which are the ingredients that you usually smell at first (First and Heart); Flowers, Fruits, Plants, Herbs, Leaves and Wood.

While the other one is what basically keeps the scent stronger and last longer (Base). It is either Musk, Ambergris or Civette in your perfume—all from the Animals:

  • Musk - Bull balls sweat
  • Ambergris - Whale sperms
  • Civette - Cat’s piss

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0 notes | May 3, 2012 at 6:54am